City By The Sandwich

Wrapping your arms around a new destination can be a dizzying prospect. Luckily, you can learn a lot about a city just by taking a bite of its most popular sandwich. Here are six sandwiches that will satisfy both your hunger and your traveler’s curiosity.

City By the Sandwich - Sandwiches from Minneapolis, Miami, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Dallas & Atlanta

Minneapolis: Juicy Lucy (aka Jucy Lucy)

Minneapolis prides itself on its great dive bars. Some have remained unchanged for nearly 60 years and still serve the Juicy Lucy (sometimes spelled “Jucy Lucy”), a throwback cheeseburger on steroids: two beef patties with slices of American cheese melted inside and on top. The molten cheese oozes out quickly and makes it a ridiculously messy and slightly dangerous thing to eat. But what’s a dive bar without a little danger?

Miami: The Medianoche

Miami is (in)famous for its nightlife, and the Medianoche – which translates to “midnight” – is perfect for a quick bite between one party and another. A close cousin of the revered Cuban Sandwich, the Medianoche layers sweet ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles between toasted sweet bread, similar to challah. Savor Miami’s rich cultural milieu in one bite, dab the mustard off your lip and let the party continue.

Pittsburgh: Primanti Bros. Almost Famous Sandwich 

Pittsburgh is a blue-collar town with a mighty steel backbone, so of course its most iconic sandwich is a belly buster. The Primanti Bros. Almost Famous Sandwich boasts generous layers of capicola, provolone and tomatoes topped with crispy French fries and tart coleslaw — all stacked inside Italian bread. It’s hearty, no-nonsense and totally satisfying. Just like Pittsburgh.

Vancouver: Sous-vide chicken club with 72-hour bacon

Vancouver elevates the everyday club sandwich with a geeky chef technique that highlights the city’s appetite for culinary experimentation. The chicken breast is sealed in an airtight bag and submerged in low-temperature water to cook for several hours. This keeps the chicken tender and juicy on the inside while it’s quickly seared for a super-crispy outer layer. The club comes on toasted focaccia with 72-hour sous-vide bacon, avocado and tomato.

Dallas: Brisket Taco

Texans love their Tex-Mex, and Dallas is all about brisket tacos. Emblematic of the city’s long ties to the cattle industry, this sandwich – yes, the taco qualifies! – combines low-and-slow braised beef, melted Monterey Jack cheese (made from cow milk), roasted poblano chiles and sautéed onions in a warm soft tortilla. The juices from the pot are traditionally served on the side with fresh salsa. Yeehaw!

Atlanta: Que Wraps 

Modern Atlanta’s sophisticated foodies are not above eating with their hands, especially for the sake of a Que Wrap. The wraps boast barbecue pork wrapped in bite-sized bits of dough, which are then deep-fried and served with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce for dipping. Do your best to withstand a cooling-off period – they don’t call it Hot ‘Lanta for nothing! 

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