Q&A: Real Relaxation with Tess Masters

Weekdays are filled with distractions, and it can be easy to bring these with you into a weekend getaway. Luckily, health expert and relaxation connoisseur Tess Masters, better known as The Blender Girl for her delectable wizardry behind a blender, is here to give you helpful tips on achieving real relaxation during your weekend vacay.
Real Relaxation with Tess Masters
Q: What’s your process for achieving relaxation after a hectic week?
A: I have a Sunlighten infrared sauna and Iove hopping in it to decompress. I then have a massage (or some other kind of body work). Then, I'll soak in a bath with mineral salts and essential oils, and then I love to cuddle up in my fluffy bed and watch a movie or read a book.
Q: What one item should you definitely bring with you on a weekend vacation to ensure maximum relaxation?
A: Some essentials oils or divine bubble bath for some good soaking time, and a great playlist of your favorite music.
Q: What one item should you definitely not bring with you on a weekend vacation to ensure maximum relaxation?
A: Your computer. I'd like to not bring my phone either! I can't totally relax if I'm still "plugged in" and can access the hundreds of emails coming in.
Q: What’s your ideal relaxation destination?
A: A secluded beach where I can hear the sound of the waves and not much else. It's so soothing. I dream of going to the Maldives.
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Q: What role does diet/food play in a relaxing lifestyle?
A: Eating good food and enjoying it is essential to a joyful and relaxing life. Our emotions are all held in our gut, so we want to be nourishing our bodies with healthy foods that nourish us, keep our brains clear (and not foggy), open up our chakras, aid digestion and energize us. Food is one of the great pleasures of life. So, I'm all about celebrating meal-time and really relishing in the experience. So many of my fondest memories of relaxing vacations are a special meal I had at a restaurant with loved ones.
Q: Do you have a favorite relaxation cocktail and why?
A: I just love the Green Mojito smoothie from The Blender Girl Smoothies app and book. It sips like a fancy cocktail without the hangover. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation in a tropical paradise. This blend is great for immunity, detox, weight loss and inflammation.
Q: Is there anything we didn’t cover here that you want to mention?
A: A relaxation tip that every one should know? A secret to relaxation? Lavender Oil. Rub a couple of drops of the essential oil into the souls of your feet right before going to bed. I do it every night for a wonderful restful sleep.                                                         


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