What’s In My Bag with Rosie O'Neill

You can learn a lot about travelers -- and people -- from the contents of their weekend travel bag. Rosie O’Neill owns luxury candy boutique Sugarfina with her husband in California. Look inside her bag to get a taste of what it's like to be a globe-trotting candy connoisseur.

Weekend Travel Bag

It’s pretty sweet traveling with Rosie O’Neill, the co-founder and creative mind behind the popular luxury candy boutique Sugarfina, based in California. Traveling nearly once a month for work or pleasure, Rosie knows a thing or two about packing for trips. Since she spends her days testing, marketing and selling gourmet candies from around the world, she knows that inspiration is everywhere.

Sugarfina - Rosie ONeill

“Countries like Morocco, Turkey and Greece ... are filled with amazing color everywhere you look,” explains O’Neill, who is drawn to "aqua water and bright white towels" when she needs a creative recharge. "That’s my happy place, and a big part of why Sugarfina is all aqua and bright white.”

When embarking on these creative vacations, she has a few items that she considers must-have pieces in her travel bag. “Sunglasses and red lipstick are a must. When I’m traveling, sometimes I’m super-tired, but I still have to get motivated for an important meeting or event.  A fresh swipe of red lipstick and cat-eye sunglasses keep me looking chic on no sleep,” says O’Neill.

When she packs for an inspiration trip, she makes sure to include a Pantone book. “I bring my Pantone book to make sure I capture and remember that jewel-like shade of Moroccan tile, or that perfect pink blush of a Dutch tulip.  Most of our packaging is inspired by a favorite color or pattern that I discovered while traveling,” says O’Neill.

Another must-pack travel item? “I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to paper and stationery, so I keep a supply of washi tape on me at all times because, why not?  Have you seen all the things you can do with washi tape? I also carry a set of metallic Sharpie pens which are great for giving myself an instant, no-mess manicure, for doodling, or if I need to write an extra-fancy note.”

Lastly, since O’Neill is the co-founder of Sugarfina, what would an inspiration trip or vacation be like if she didn’t pack something sweet to snack on. “I’m addicted to our Sugar Lips, which are super sour gummies in flavors of berry, watermelon and bubble gum.  They’re the perfect snack to pop me wide awake when I’m jet-lagged! Plus they’re super cute and make me smile just by looking at them.”

Photos by Vanessa Tierney.

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