How to Preserve your Travel Memories

Amid a digital revolution, Artifact Uprising is championing the vitality of printed photos. Travelers (and Oprah) love Artifact Uprising, and you will too after reading this Q&A with co-founder and CEO, Jenna Walker.
How to Preserve your Travel Memories - Artifact Uprising Gift Wrapping

There’s no substitute for a tangible print of a well-captured moment. A beautifully printed photo has an enduring vitality that keeps precious memories from being lost in the endless “digital refresh” shuffle. This is precisely this sentiment that motivated Jenna Walker to found Artifact Uprising, a Denver-based company dedicated to getting photos out of the cloud and into your hands.

Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible, Artifact Uprising uses recycled and locally sourced materials to create prints, albums, greeting cards and wall art from digital photos. This approach earned them a spot among Oprah’s 2015 Favorite Things. We caught up with Walker to learn why she started Artifact Uprising and how a love of travel lead to the creation of her business.

Artifact Uprising Framed Print

SPG: Why print your travel photos when you can store them in the cloud and view them on your devices whenever/wherever you want?

JW: Before starting Artifact Uprising, my sister, husband and I worked as professional photographers for eight years, capturing hundreds of thousands of images both for clients and from our daily lives. We soon realized everything we documented was left on our phones, hard drives and computers, and we kept coming back to the question, “what are we leaving behind?”. While digital storage is convenient for enjoying your photos instantly, we are inspired by the notion of moving stories off your device and into your life. It’s the driving force that keeps us doing what we do. 

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book2

On the Artifact Uprising website it says, "Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible" -- What do you mean by that?

Artifact Uprising was started by the belief that everyone has a story to tell. These stories shape our lives and the lives of those around us. They make us remember a place, they remind us of the way a person makes you feel. The words “Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible” solidify our desire to leave behind stories that can be enjoyed in a printed physical form for generations to come. 

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album1

How has travel, and the desire to capture it in photographs, influenced the birth and development of Artifact Uprising?

We strongly believe in the importance of travel and the things you can learn from getting lost - in finding spaces that widen your world. Every time you go somewhere you see something new, you learn a little more about who you are, and – perhaps more importantly – who you aren't. With each photo, we’re reminded to take a longer look – and to find gratitude for where we’ve been and who we’ve journeyed with.

Artifact Uprising Solidwool Calendar2

What does Artifact Uprising's popularity say about people's feelings toward digital media?

People will continue to be drawn to the accessibility and ease of digital media.But with great technology is the unknown of how permanent it really is. I think we all are struggling with how to bring permanence to our photos in a digital age. We’ve always believed few things compare to the kind of pause a tangible photograph invites. I think our community really stands behind this as well. 

Artifact Uprising Wood Block + Prints

What are the most creative things your customers have done with their prints?

Too many to count! We’re constantly inspired by our community. I love reading inventive photo book titles – ‘Us Before You’ made by expecting parents to document their life before the little one, and a collection of travel photos entitled  ‘Here > There’ are two that come to mind. We’ve also seen Square Prints being used as decorative gift wrapping - adding them to the front of their gifts with colorful tape or string. 

Artifact Uprising Wood Calendar

Any other good ideas for displaying travel photo prints?

Our Layflat Photo Album showcases images with panoramic, two-page spreads.These albums are handcrafted and you can create an album with as few as 10 photos. Another great way to display travel photos is with a Framed Print,  perfect for landscapes as well as detail shots and come in a wide range of sizes to create your own personal gallery of your travels. 
I also love the Instagram Friendly Books for printing travel photos you’ve documented on Instagram. If you’re an on-the-go-type (who isn’t, nowadays), our iPhone app is a great tool that allows you to create straight from your phone, plus you can access your Camera Roll, Dropbox, Instagram and VSCO images seamlessly.
Discover more on and browse through a great selection of ways to print your travel photos in order to preserve your travel memories for years to come. 

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